• Michelle Dalgleish

Around The Box

A box full of endless puzzles and games which bring the family together.

WOW WOW WOW all I can say is what an ingenious product ! We were kindly gifted this product to review and it didn't disappoint.

Created by David and Alice, who are also husband and wife, they both bring a wealth of knowledge both from our NHS frontline and the entertainment industry. The story behind how Around The Box was made is truly inspiring and I urge you all to visit their website to read this. Around The Box is a box full of puzzles and games aimed at ages 6 to 106! The first box that was made was made for families in hospitals and this box helped families to connect with each other in a new way. As a mum who has regular visits to the hospital and also just as many over night stays this box would bring so much fun, laughter and enjoyment into a situation that could be difficult to process.

Around The Box is the first edition for families everywhere. In the box you will find a collection of games and puzzles suitable for a vast age range. The box contains five games with the majority of the games having two difficulty levels and additional extensions, so hours of fun !

The box has been designed that you can easily pop it in your bag when travelling so you will always have a source of family fun when needed. Myself, Harrison and Grant explored the games and it really did bring us together as a family trying to work out these puzzles. I think in todays world it is so easily to become lost in technology, technology is widely used for entertainment but at the same time it can become very isolating.

The box and the items inside are of a very high standard along with the information provided. You can find Around The Box on Instagram and Facebook plus they have a fantastic website which is extremely user friendly. You do get provided with a website link that will show you videos on how to complete the individual puzzles if you should become stuck. All the website videos are really engaging and I absolutely love David & Alice’s challenge of the week featured on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this product and it’s ethos. Harrison as most of you know has asd and adhd. Engaging Harrison and getting him to work as a team can be really challenging. Harrison was really intrigued by the box that he spent time working with us to try and figure them out, something I haven’t seen in many months. You can find the direct link to Around The Box under my useful links tab. Thank you David & Alice for letting me review your box it really has created magical moments for us. Xxx Michelle xxx

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