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Curve Lab Review

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Let’s take a walk where the WiFi is weak ! Getting Harrison out for a walk is not easy since lockdown began. A mixture of anxiety caused by the recent change in routine plus for some reason he doesn’t like to be out for a certain length of time. We were kindly gifted this arc by the @curve.lab for Harrison to try out as I was inquisitive about the sensory feedback it would provide Harrison as well as help him with his need to constantly be moving. The lovely people @curve.lab were so helpful and the customer service was amazing ! So we actually have eight senses which are visual, auditory, smell, tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive and taste. Harrison is a sensory seeker meaning his senses crave input especially his vestibular sensory system. Harrison also craves movement due to his adhd. Well we mentioned going for a walk and taking his board to use and wow you can see by his face how pleased he was with this idea and we had minimal fuss getting him out of the house. I have found with the arc that Harrison will stamp his feet slightly each side to get the feedback through his legs plus what a safe way to channel all that energy ! The arc arrived packaged well and the quality of the item is amazing!

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