Florence & Emilia ~ Coming Soon

Welcome to Florence & Emilia something sensory.  Created by myself (Michelle) and Shelley on our vision of a fully inclusive shop around learning through play.  Together we have many years of experience in childcare, Primary school teaching, special educational needs and most importantly being a mummy.  Our vision is to make sensory gifts suitable for all ages, stages and needs.  

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Sensory play means activities that stimulate the senses.  Sensory play supports development such as language, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving and social interaction.  Research also shows that sensory play can help a child build nerve connections in the brains pathway which can lead to the child being able to complete more complex learning tasks.  Sensory activities can also be really helpful in calming down children who may of become agitated. Engaging children with autism in sensory play can also help to improve their sensory processing systems as well as their social and communication skills.