Hello and Welcome

I'm Michelle, mum to 3 beautiful, unique children.  I am 37 years old and I live in Devon. I’m a mummy to Harrison who is 9, Poppy who is 6 and Emilia-Rose who is 2. I am a full time carer to our children and my husband is in the Navy. I have started this blog after a few nudges from close friends giving me the confidence to do so. So, what am I going to blog about ? I am going to blog about my journey with both Harrison and Poppy. Harrison has recently been diagnosed with autism and adhd and Poppy has a chromosome disorder called 18q minus syndrome. To say it’s been a long journey is an understatement. I hope by sharing my journey I can give strength and hope to other families travelling along a similar path. You can also find us on Instagram & Facebook under the name A Mother’s Instinct. I do hope you enjoy my personal blog. Much love Shelly x

Meet Harrison .....

Harrison is a very comical, active and loving nine year old boy.  Harrison loves to make people laugh, he is very passionate about his interests and close friends plus his ability to mathematically solve problems in his head is nothing short of amazing.  April 2020 we received the diagnoses of ASD, ADHD, sensory processing difficulties and anxiety after a six year battle.


Our beautifully unique Poppy ....

Meet Poppy our chromo cutie.  Poppy at the age of 15 months was diagnosed with a very rare condition (1 in 55,000) called 18Q minus syndrome.  Poppy is extremely funny, has a greater love for cheese and chocolate plus she has the most infectious laugh you've ever heard. Poppy has overcome so many hurdles that she is nothing short of a miracle.  Poppy is at a mainstream school and is thriving in the environment.


Emilia-Rose ....

Oh Miss Emilia-Rose, our little fire cracker. Emilia-Rose is the most affectionate, vibrant and expressive two year old I have ever met.  Emilia-Rose will lighten your mood and make you smile the biggest smile.  Emilia-Rose loves puzzles, playing with her friends and Moana!  Emilia-Rose at the age of two years young can already sign using makaton and is able to understand Poppy as an individual.